Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Stripping, titty bars, nude bars, topless bars, it's all a sticky subject when it comes to womens issues. Is it an exchange of power for money, (since women do indeed still make 76% to what men make)? Perhaps it's a form of power over?
To me really, it's all visual masturbation, I know I'm going to get "eye fucked" or "mentally undressed" by men even if I'm 100% covered up, I cant help that. So to me, it doesn't matter if a female is naked or not, men will still imagine women however they choose (but probably naked).
I also think it's freeing to be naked or walk around and show some skin when for hundreds of years men have told women to cover up, that womens bodies should be something of shame, as long as its respectable, (for example Playboy yes, Hustler no}.
I don't like to tell others what to do with their bodies or how to display it, so I don't. Stripping to me, can be a powerful thing, it can be beautiful, it can be sexy but it can also be demeaning and disgusting, I think it comes down to whats right for the individual. What if a single mother works 2 nights a week and is able to spend the rest of the time with her children? What about a student trying to make their way through University?
Whose to judge what goes on in anyone else's life?

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