Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If I were a boy....

I came home from running the Pompano Blimp Base, {a five mile track) at nine o'clock at night. I was told not to do that anymore. I was pissed as usual and said,

"If I were a boy you'd let me!"

To which he replied

"Yes, maybe but i like you as a girl."

I don't get it, if I can run five miles and not get winded, certainly I can handle a guy trying to kidnap me. I always carry my knife with me, strapped around me leg and never listen to music so loud that I don't know whats going on in my surroundings.
I truly do not see how a penis dangling between my legs makes me safer. Does anyone see that logic?
I was in a baggy shirt and shorts, not dressed in "tight workout women's clothes," even though I shouldn't have to describe what I dress myself in! I should be able to walk around naked and men should be able to control their urges to not attack me {well everyone but the boyfriend, i attack him when he's naked}.

Yet I feel I must explain I was not dressed provocative so people don't accuse me of 'asking for it." Sad isn't it? {We as women attack each other when it comes to rapes and kidnappings, we ask, was she drinking? What was she wearing? Placing blames on the victims.}
I wish my father treated me like my older brother, who he doesn't give rules and restrictions to, especially since he got me into playing sports on men's teams.
If he only knew my fighting past....

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