Sunday, October 14, 2007

Women in Fashion Advertisements

It seems in fashion, women are not only objects, they are sexually powered over by men. They are subliminal messages to the public that slips into our subconsciousness. It's always "men on top" even in a phone ad!

Fashion ad's are notorious for their portal of female sexuality as disposable to men. Take the add by Dolce & Gabbana, its an orgy and the women is helpless. This is rape. Made into a fashion layout. This disgusts me.

This is a typical racist add of women, the "bad black" vs. "the pure white race." What the hell is this add selling? We don't have any idea, because we would just look at the image and flip the page. But these images stay with us, unknowingly and play into our racism.

This add is for ice cream people, ice cream. Used over in Europe. Yup, just wanted to throw this one in there to show just how messed up we as human beings are.