Thursday, October 18, 2007

Women's Poverty Part 1

Estimated earnings for women are substantially lower than for men
RegionEstimated earnings per year (in 1000s of US dollars at 2003 prices)Percentage of men’s earnings


  • The first number in each row represents women
  • The second number in each row represents men

Estimated earnings are defined as gross domestic product per capita (measured in US dollars at 2003 prices adjusted for purchasing power parity) adjusted for wage disparities between men and women. Some numbers rounded for display purposes.

Source: UNICEF, State of the World’s Children, 2007, p. 41, Figure 3.3

Industrialized nationsWomen 21
Men 37
CEE/CISWomen 4.6
Men 8
Latin American and
Women 4
Men 10
East Asia and PacificWomen 4
Men 6.5
Middle East and North
Women 2
Men 7
South AsiaWomen 1
Men 2.5
Sub-Saharan AfricaWomen 1
Men 2

Women are often underpaid in other countries {this graph found on page} yet how many people know that the women in this country are severely underpaid as well.
Just think how much work single mothers do and don't get paid for. They cook, clean, do their own child care, car pool and do errands, all of this is a job in itself. Most single mothers have another job on top of taking care of their children and most have to pay for child care when they are at work, causing them to lose even more money.
So why does "womens work" go so unnoticed in this country as well as others. I think men, yes, I'm going there, I think men take us for granted. I think men assume we will do everything and stay quiet, that it's "our roles." That they can go "SPREAD THEIR SEEDS" and we're suppose to just sit tight and have THEIR kids and everything is fine and dandy. And GOD FORBID they get emotional about it, GOD FREAKIN FORBID we have feelings and don't want to be treated as if we will always be there for them, to be taken advantage of mentally, verbaly and physicaly.

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