Monday, October 15, 2007

Muslim Barbie?

I was on my Hotmail page, when low and behold I came across a title that said "Hot Topics" and a link to the site, .
Yes, ladies and gentleman, there is now a Muslim Barbie, her name being 'Fulla'. Thanks to a mother who wanted her daughters to play with a more 'modest toy.' Granted I don't think girls in general need to play with Barbies, with their short shorts and big blue eyes and DSL lips, they all look like the ideal Americanized woman.
Yet as much as i wanted to like this idea of a Muslim Barbie is still makes me irritated. This Barbie, though yes modestly dressed still has double D boobs, a tiny waist and hot hooker pink lips, {umm hello? No one even wears hooker pink lipstick anymore.}
Ahhhh what man doesn't want their woman to look like a freak of nature. I did a paper in high school about the measurements of a "life sized Barbie" and she would literally topple over by the weight of her breasts and her tiny waist couldn't hold her up. Lovely, crush little girls self esteem more eh?
Not everyone in the middle east is loving this doll either. This quote was taken from the web page:
'Maan Abdul Salam, a Syrian women's rights advocate, said Fulla was emblematic of a trend toward Islamic conservatism sweeping the Middle East. Though statistics are hard to come by, he said, the percentage of young Arab women who wear the hijab is far higher now than it was a decade ago"

I agree to everyone having the right to religion yet I don't think a women should be forced to cover her body. I look at this like the female form is so hideous it has to be covered. I just don't think we're sluts or 'easy' if we wear t-shirt that show our arms yet I also think this new Barbie is a better replacement then the original. So I suppose I am unsure where I stand on this issue, I can see both sides of the argument and both make sense. So i suppose, the better question is, what do you think?

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