Monday, October 15, 2007

Hollywood pretends to be perfect

Salma Hayek boobs she said were real till this photo was brought to her attention.

Idol wannabe Kellie Pickler's "pre op and post op."

Matthew McConaughey's hair is fuller at his premiere in far right 2006, but looks a little thin at Lakers game in 2000 far left.

Paris Hilton's profile in 2001 far left, and in 2007 with a very different nose.

(All of the celebrity's above have deniedor made no comment about their obviously physical improvements.}
Why is it celebrities pretend that they don't have cosmetic surgeries. I think it's to keep the illusion that they are perfect. We give them such high standards that the idea of being normal propels them to lie about their surgeries so god forbid, they are like us normal human beings with flaws.
So with these lies and well done surgeries, I can only imagine how helpless a preteen/adolescent girls feel when they are constantly comparing themselves to their favorite celebrities.
Besides whats so bad about flaws? Flawed noses can add personality, scar's tell stories, lopsided smiles are cute. My absolute favorite thing about my boyfriend is the long scar he got on his right hand where his pinkie finger was removed after an accident in the Army. It's overly sentimental {defiantly overly sentimental for me, I hate romantic movies} but every time I see it, it reminds me how lucky I am he's alive and well and that though yes we all die, it reminds me to enjoy the time we have to together. I guess it reminds me of our own mortality and to me that's romantic. But I'm a freak i suppose.

The point is, if we all looked the same, no one would be beautiful and no one would be ugly, we'd all be robots. Variety is the spice of life! We as women should not to look to others to what we "should look like" and just be who we are.

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