Thursday, October 4, 2007

Makeup..friend or foe?

I get why people like makeup or don't wear it at all. You can look natural and improve your appearance when worn correctly {hello giant pimple} or one can look like Tammy Faye Baker

What few girls don't know is the point of makeup is to look aroused. It's made to redden the lips and cheeks, which is what happens when women are sexual aroused. So we use lipstick and blush to walk around looking constantly aroused, to a point.

I have mixed feelings about it personally. I know a ton of feminists that refuse to wear it, find it insulting for "the man" to tell you how to look, to look sexual at all times. I think makeup is changing, now it can be a point of expression. I like to wear that thick 1950's eyeliner and smudge the hell out of it so I get that rock-n-roll and cat-eye look. Sometimes I do bright red lips and white eyeliner to stand out. Really makeup, when you know what you're doing, can be fun.

There are drawbacks, such as men don't wear makeup, they are taught they don't have to always look sexually available. In fact, they can get away with looking casual 99% of the time while girls must have makeup speckled on and their tits or ass or legs showing to be considered attractive. Except for drag queens, who pile it on and over exaggerate what a woman should look like, they play characters of woman (or so I've been told).

So perhaps makeup can only be judged by the individual user, is it a must or something fun? Can you live without it? Perhaps when you go through a couple of tubs of mascara and lipstick you might rethink that look you've got going. I think it's all in the mascaraed eye of the beholder.

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