Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Worst Thing to be Called?..

"Man, you're such a pussy."

How many times is this phrase used in a day? Whether its a man calling another man that or a man calling a girl that or visa versa. Basically it means you're the biggest wimp ever
So what does this make us as women?

If our sex organs, {or really slang word for our vagina} is the biggest insult to men, what then does that make us, the biggest wimps, something that should be viewed as dirty?
Women in general, are taught to be ashamed of their bodies, they are bombarded by images daily that their boobs aren't big enough, they aren't thin enough, they aren't pretty enough and now with this language used, women are ashamed of the one organ used to create life that, yes, even men are given birth through.
So instead of continuing to have this word being used against us {like the word, "cunt"} to put us in our place, lets fight back and correct people when they use this word in a negative fashion.

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