Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Abortion, it's an extremely controversial topic, both sides should be clearly heard.
My opinion, since this is my blog, is more important then what others have to say on this topic so I'm going to focus on that{I kid, I kid}.

Here are my short version of a long and complicated topic. It's not women in Congress making these laws up, it's men in suits telling women what to do with their bodies. If it were women getting together deciding what should be done, it might be a little easier. Yet it's not women, it's men, men who have no idea what its like to be a women. How fast would a man change his opinion if his wife or daughter or sister was rapped? How fast would they change their opinions?

Further more, how come the government does not regulate male masturbation? How many million of "potential children" are killed every time a male whacks off? Why doesn't the Catholic Church get on that? Oh yea maybe the church is preoccupied with alter boys....I kid..sorta.

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