Friday, July 9, 2010

24 going on 18 or 30?

"Slutty Bitch" Its been two years since that post, I'm still a bitch, not sure i was ever really slutty. Must update this blog, really, its a good outlet for all the creativity I never use at work. Ever. Speaking of work, here now, someone brought in their 'adorable' child, I'm the only one not out there cooing at it. Its a kid. Big deal. See, STILL a bitch!
uggI need a real job.
Scary thought; 6 years ago i was 18, 6 years from now ill be 30. I feel no less awkward now then i did at 18.

My everyday fighting the good fight for women's rights has gotten put aside for the everyday work to pay bills and well, survive. I'm still a loud mouth feminist with the ever internal struggle of what I'm told a pretty 24 year old is supposed to worry about (my body, hair, boyfriend, partying, etc).

Lately no matter where i am, I'm wishing, wanting to be anywhere else. Especially here.

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