Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Parenting Cult

I am constantly surprised by people.
For instance, when I say I don’t want kids (most likely) they call me selfish.
Selfish? Knowing ones limitations is selfish? Pfff.

For one thing I’ve never felt that desire, the want, to settle down and have kids. So I’m just going to say the things you aren’t suppose to say about people who have kids;
They. Look. Miserable.
Parents want people to join their cult so they can be miserable with you. Parents bully nonparents into it with statements like; “You don’t want kids? That’s so selfish!” or “But they’re the greatest joys in life.” Really? Then why do you look so angry all the time?
My sister just had a baby and she is exhausted, all the time. I’ve babysat, you constantly have to entertain a child and this means lowering your IQ with baby talk and kids show. There is no adult conversation. It’s draining and unfulfilling (to me).
Everything, everything, a child does is sooo amazing to these parents. They fill baby blogs justifying how unique their kids are when really, they are like everyone else’s kids. They have to tell themselves they are unique to make all this time worth it. Parents live through their kids, making them seem that much more…..pathetic.
I know how hard it will be as a woman to have a child; I know I would be making the sacrifices. Spending the time, the energy to feed, cloth and bath them. Of course men love kids; they work all day and spend 2 hours with them. The most valuable thing in life is time, not youth or money, but time. Kids suck that from you (as well as youth and money).
For other reasons I don’t think this is a world where I want to bring more innocent babies into. Especially since there are so many already here waiting for a parent, why not adopt. This world is a fucked up place. I just don’t think its okay to being more life here when there’s too many already with no parents. Who cares if the baby doesn’t look like you? Neither do our pets and we don’t love them any less.
If children are our future, save the futures of the ones already here.

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