Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the ex

The ex (C) called late in the afternoon yesterday. The one whose friends hated me and the one who knocked up his rebound? Couldn't begin to care what he wants so i let it ring, no voicemail. Told The Boyfriend about it. Trying to not hide things from him, must learn from past mistakes.
I just don't know why he called, what could he have to say?
1. I miss you
2. Baby/bastard is born
3. I'm an ass hole
4. 'wants to be friends' which is ridiculous since i cant stand him as a person let alone a friend.

I need to find my copy of 'The Art of War' to refresh my tactics.
Ugg, pisses me off thinking about it.

Job market is shit, especially for me to find a job, yes i have a job but a job in my chosen field of study would be nice . I feel like I'm wasting my time, waiting.
Thinking of teaching English in a foreign country (as my brother does), just to get outta hear. Need excitement, need travel. Need space from everyone.

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