Sunday, July 11, 2010

Europe, The Boyfriend and the Elbow

Since leaving this journal idle for 2 years much has happened. My brother has moved to Japan, I went backpacking through Europe, my (little sister) got married and had a baby and I moved to Palm Beach Island. Oh and i got attacked while running causing me to break elbow with surgery. I have the best luck with men.
I thought Europe would change me in a way that would be unshakable but you lose that change coming back to the daily grind (aka bullshit). People still watch shit shows there like The Hills or MTV in general, still listen to shit pop dance music, it just seems more exotic. Don't get me wrong, it did change me, it did make me grow and learn and open my mind to a world more then America. Unless you move there its hard to keep that change fresh in your mind. I don't understand how my brother was able to move across the world alone to Japan all on his own for the last, what 3 years? Crazy.

Oh and a new boyfriend, did i not mention that?

A DRAMA FREE, non-cheating, nice guy. You know, a guy you doesn't have friends that call you a slut? German at that, met at FAU of all places. Shall be dubbed 'the boyfriend.' The boyfriend is so sweet, a feminist, a good guy. But i give myself shit for jumping from one boy to the typical for most girls and now too. It just seems so needy, so not me.

Moved to Palm Beach Island, eye rolls all around. The Boyfriend hooked me up with his sister's old apartment so the rent is, well, the right price as in no price (for me). My money is going to medical bills to an accident when i got attacked going running, causing me to fall and break my elbow and have SURGERY. Even though I HAVE health Insurance, it only covered 80% so now i owe the balance. Fuck. Even talking about it pisses me off. Add it to the list. Why would someone attack me anyways? I was just running, minding my own business. It makes me so jumpy now, i always feel watched, always looking over my shoulder. Even less trusting of men if its possible. I've never, ever been so scared.

I also ran a half marathon after breaking my elbow, talk about pain, but it was important to me to do it, so i did it. On a lot of pain meds. I guess to prove to myself i can still be strong, even with an injury and being attacked.

World Cup has been my saving grace for my foul moods. I thought i was supposed to grow out of my teenage angst? Looks like they'll be sticking around.