Thursday, November 1, 2007

"uhhh are you on you're period?"

No matter what, when a girl gets emotional and spirited or god forbid passionate it usually means a guy is gonna assume shes on her period and gonna ask her.
I'm always a feisty passionate girl, so does that mean I'm leaking blood 24/7? NO, it means I don't keep what I'm feeling bottled up, (maybe that's why serial killers aren't mainly women?} I either display it or feel it....mostly display it psychically.
3 weeks ago, we were having our usual family dinner at my house and my sister turns to me and says,
"I was at Blockbuster renting a video and the guy working recognized my last name and said, 'hey you're sister Avalon punched my cousin in the face" and he said you punched his cousin in the face when he hit on you and you turned him down so he called you a dumb bitch."
My boyfriend who is used to me said "that sounds about right." My parents were mad, mostly my mom but my dad was slightly amused.
I can't help but think I handled that situation like a man but if I had cried or been upset with a guy calling me that, it would of been "to girly."
Perhaps I see crying as something vulnerable and i hate being that way, I only cry when I feel safe enough with the person there to witness it or mostly alone. I just see crying or getting emotional as a waste of time, sometimes I feel actions, maybe physical, are a better reaction.
Maybe I just got tired of being asked if i was on my period.

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