Monday, November 5, 2007

Hollywood Websites

I check the websites and almost daily, they are both funny websites that poke fun of celebrities, mostly they make fun of "actresses/models" who take themselves to seriously. They call out stars on their bullshit to put it basically.

I can't help but notice on these websites, that they attack women's looks more and more. If they look older, they poke fun. If they get work done if they do look old, they poke fun at that. If they are too skinny/fat they poke fun of that. No wonder women are going crazy trying to be perfect.

It should be noted that both these websites are run by males. Does this make it worse? Is it really any better then women's magazine who cut themselves down by constantly talking about weight and beauty.

I have a hard time keeping my obsession with how I look in check. I can get crazy but when all you're told is that "you're pretty/beautiful/sexy/hot/" it's hard to see myself as much else. I mean, yea... I'm passionate as hell, slightly crazy, athletic, a writer, a student, a feminist, a fighter, a lover, a advocate, a victim, a liberal, funny and adventurous but no one sees that, all people see is my outside. When you have a terrific boyfriend like I do, it helps but I can be my own worst critic.

Is there really any clear messages for women that are positive? If there are, they are few and far between.

I have included a picture of me made up and another completely natural, not posing, in a bathing suit, with no makeup, just to keep my ego in check, tummy out and all! Hey, I can't look picture perfect all the time, no matter what the media tells me.

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