Saturday, December 1, 2007

In Honor of Victoria Secret Fasion Show

Do me a favor? Know when the "fashion show" (or skank show) airs on CBS you realize what you're looking at is silicone and makeup. These images are what hurts us as females. Walking through the mall, I couldn't help but noticed what the media has done to us as women. We have been made to look like sexual objects, to always look sexually available.
The truth is, most women don't know what they want or their purpose because they are to busy trying to be what men want (I'm speaking about girls my age, 18-30) , sexual objects. In the book, "Transforming A Rape Culture," on page 213 it state's

"What a girl wants, what a women wants, is what Freud knew is held precious by every MAN: self-determination, autonomy within reason, life without undue fear, liberty without causing harm to others, and the ability to pursue one's happiness. None of those desires can be fulfilled for women so long as we live in a rape culture. A general recognition is dawning that our culture will need both women and men who are strong, wise and generous if the future is to be better then the present."

I can't help but think we could have all this as women if we can start to understand we aren't billboards for sex. We don't have to play stupid and we can assert what we want without bringing sex into it. That women can still have worth if we are not walking sex.

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