Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beauty Pagents

Why do we really care if Ms. Puerto Rico was pepper sprayed? I clicked onto the MSN home page and low and behold she was on the front cover.

Who cares whether or not she was pepper sprayed. There are child slaves and girls getting their clitorises chopped off in female mutilation and this, this is what we care about?

Beauty competitions such as Ms. Universe only started, as well as cheerleaders because women weren't allowed to play organized sports. So thus, they started an organization devoted to beauty. So what is their role now? To inspire young girls to fit into the "norm." Big breasted skinny girls with overly made up hair and pancaked makeup and brushed and poised within a inch of their lives?

I just can't see how this woman, whether she cheated to win or not, deserves any PR at all. She didn't cure cancer, she didn't stop world hunger. She's just a pretty girl with a big sexy scandal surrounding her so the media pays attention.

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