Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ant-Feminist Websites 

I debated showing the link, then i saw how little people went to this website. Basically its a ridiculous way for men to put down women. It's almost laughable.

These websites were few and far between.  They warn not to donate money to women's groups as and under the link, "what can i do?" it states on the page that men are, "Forced to commit a violent act" against women. Not women who threaten them or mock them, just women who think they are as good as men.

Thankfully after research, it was easy to find out what pig wrote this, a hick, a male hick, I imagine he has a confederate flag and wears overalls and is missing his teeth. I suppose he thinks African Americans aren't equal to whites either. 

Yet how many men walk around with these ideas? This is why feminism still exists. 

Whenever I tell a male I'm a feminist i either get a "good for you" or a "why you're so pretty!" 
I don't think these men are the norm, in fact, they just get angrier and angrier because days of the "good old boy" are long gone and they cant change with the times. Male chauvinists are a dieing breed and I can't wait till they are extinct. 

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