Friday, September 21, 2007

Observations at Coyote Ugly

So in order to work at Coyotes one has to do "observation hours" I chose to do mine between 10pm-midnight last night since I had a class downtown Ft.Lauderdale and my two friends, Wendy and Milan were doing theirs as well.
So we get to the bar and b.s. for a while, drinking, talking to the bartenders, our regular customers buy Milan, Wendy and I a couple shots and we hang with our bouncers/bar backs. No big deal, until we spread out and do what we're there for, observe.
So I sit in the back of the bar, beer in hand, taking it all in. Another girl who works at Coyotes was there to hang out,{ and shall remain nameless because i didn't ask her if she would mind being written about} walks by to put money in the Jukebox in her cute outfit {not slutty/revealing in anyway} and I see these guys turn around and motion to one another. My Coyote friend is standing at the Jukebox and these guys are drooling, dry humping the air and such, pretending to smack her ass.

{***as a side note, these guys came over to me and asked why my "pretty self was sitting all alone" and proceeded to place a hand on my leg. I growled at them I was doing my observation hours for Coyotes and ripped their hand off my leg and told them if they touched me again I'd bite their balls off. Don't you love my language after working there?}

So they're doing this dry hump/ass smacking motions I've only see dumb frat guys do sober. So I call her over and point to those guys and call them out on their shit. She looks at them and spits in there direction. Those poor souls had no idea she was a Coyote too and is worse than I am when it comes to disrespectful guys. Long story short, they left shortly after I let her know.
As I sat and thought about it, I realized that these guys would NEVER do this if they knew we worked at Coyotes. I've never had a customer there do anything disrespectful and those that do are called out of the microphone in front of the entire bar and jeered and called "pussies" {or words I wont repeat on this blog} and sprayed in the face with God knows what until they leave.
This got me thinking, I know on top of the bar or working behind it, Coyotes have power other girls cant have for protection. Are we transformed into these girls that feel they can take on any guy or is it because guys respect us because of what we do and where we work or do they know we're smart ass tough girls?
These guys get whipped with belts and jeered and sprayed in the face with their own beer and love it. Yet when we are dressed normal, we are disrespected once again. I don't think this has anything to do with us being dressed "normal" or being at Coyote Ugly. This would have happened at any bar we were in because we are pretty girls. So I ask the question, when can normal women be respected and feel safe at a bar when we are indeed NOT dressed to impress?


Westsider said...

Bars are not the right place to find "respect", for either gender. And you can be/are judged by the company you keep...
I would much rather pay triple digits taking a hot (and hopefully intelligent) woman out to a classy dinner than to buy her (and/or her friends) a drink or drinks at a bar...
When you stop measuring your idea of a good time or a worthwhile night out by how drunk you got, how many free drinks you received, how many cover charges you weren't charged, things will become clearer...

Westsider said...

Addendum: I wouldn't respect a woman BECAUSE she worked at Coyote Ugly, nor would I disrespect her for working there. I don't think there's a tie-in, really, to the "respect" factor. To other things, maybe, but I would be a little turned off if she had to be working in a bar, any bar, in order to feel "respected". I mean, what does that say about HER? Have fun, sure, but don't look to bars and such as your source of "respect" or self-repsect.