Monday, September 17, 2007

Coyote Ugly

So, I'm a feminist, that just so happens to work at Coyote Ugly...does this make me a hypocrite?

I used to think so until I actually went into the bar and saw that it was women dominating men, whipping them, spraying beer in their faces and heckling them from the bar. I see these women I work with, how pretty they are and how perhaps....... I can see the other side to this bar.

I love working there but are we exploiting ourselves for money? If not ourselves then our beauty? I am constantly told I don't hustle enough with guys, or "work them" enough. I'm also told if I dress more provocatively I'd get more tips {I dress more conservatively then most}. Sure I still make great tips and drinks bought for me but I cant play the game the other girls I work with play. I can't play that "tickle their dick game" that other girls can, I can only be me, so when they ask for my number or ask for a hug, I sneer.
One night I worked, a guy was talking to me and said, "You must hate guys after working here," and I thought, I don't hate men, thats not what Feminism is about, its about equality. Though I do understand why he said it, guys hitting on you, looking at you as if you are naked, making comments.

Am I any different then other girls at FAU? I mean how many girls use guys for drinks and free stuff at FAU, {or "sugar daddy's" as they're called}.

Is that any excuse?

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