Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boyfriend Clinging Girls...

When did college girls find identity in their boyfriends?

I can't look through my Facebook, Myspace or any general website without girls clinging to their boyfriends in such forced poses of intimacy.

Looking at my friends pictures on their websites with titles of pictures that say, "his" or "I love my man" or "I love my boyfriend" along with pictures of them making out, looking at one another lovingly or holding one another in awkward poses. Icky!

When did girls become obsessed with talking about "their man?" Not only do these pictures look forced, they seem like the guys could care less, usually they're looking away or looking bored holding/kissing/gazing at their girlfriends. When i peruse guys website profiles that are in relationships, I rarely see pictures like that of their girlfriends. Usually it's them and their buddies drinking/smoking or giving the finger (how original) and the titles of their photo albums are "#1 Player/Pimp" {guess there are hundreds of #1 pimps}.

I also see this at FAU, girls leaning on their man like there's no tomorrow, dry humping before class where I feel like I'm watching HBO soft core porn stepping over them to get to class.

When did strong minded college girls care so much about broadcasting who they were through a man? College is all about finding "oneself." I cant help but compare myself with these girls, my boyfriend goes to graduate school 6 hours away, he left me for three months to backpack through Europe alone and never once did I stop and think, "oh no my life is over blah blah bliddy blah" if anything, I was like, "hell yea time to cheat!"

I kid I kid!
Yet I do wonder how many "true love couples" really are anything but pretty pictures and false identities .

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