Wednesday, August 18, 2010

According to the local paper, Sun-Sentinel, women who make more money then their male partner increase their risk of being cheated on. This sounds like bullshit propaganda.
The ‘scientist’ who did the research, I’m sure, was mostly males, making it biased to begin with. Scaring women into submission isn’t going to work. What are we supposed to do, apologies for our success? Since hmm… about forever, men have always made more then women and dictated what women made since they were our boss in the work place until recently.
Men that cheat aren’t men anyways; they are little boys with daddy issues (or worse, mommy issues) or they are like my ex and have ego issues (which are so undeserved it’s hysterical, (you’d think someone with an ego that big would have a penis to match, alas, no.)
To quote Sam from S&TC, “men have had issues since women walked out of the cave, looked around and said, ‘this doesn’t look so hard.’” These issues they instill in us as women have always been their issues with women.

be pretty but not so pretty that we are threatening
be independent and never needy, but need ‘them’ to help ‘us’ with ‘guy stuff’
not to be slutty, but know your way around the penis
have an opinion, as long as it’s the same as theirs
have a job but make less then them
no ‘drama’ but wants to watch cat fights
be scary skinny to live up to how we are ‘supposed’ to look and complain when we eat like a bird with anorexia when they take us out to dinner
never, ever bring up their short comings, but all of our body/work/behavior is up for debate
look at other women in front of us, then get mad at guys who check us out when we are with you.
men want a partner with a job, but they also want a “second shift” job of nanny/house cleaner/chef/personal assistant/sex worker/mother (especially when sick)

To quote good old Gloria, “Some of us are becoming the man we wanted to marry”

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