Friday, March 21, 2008

"Incest/rape/abuse is boot camp for prostitution."

This subject touches my heart, its why im in women's studies, sexual abuse and violence against women. I argue with Chris all the time, he thinks prostitution should be legal, i couldn't disagree more. This show, that i furiously copied ALL this info word for word broke my heart. Broke it. We've had "guest speakers" in class that were street walkers, abuse victims, but never like this. 2 hours and i couldn't believe what i was seeing and hearing from these girls OWN mouths.

20/20 "Prostitution in America, working girls speak" **** They sent two years on this. Two years.*****

American Citizens outlook

*disposable beings

*thats your choice, even if violence ensues

*many single moms, baby's father took off, sluts/hoes.

*low life's

Stats listed on the Program

*1 in 4 physically abused or raped

*120 more times more likely to be murdered for women in sex trade industry's.

*Almost all poor

*3/4 sexual abused/physically abused/broken homes

*So many are killed each year, almost never makes the news, since most people don't care

*Women often bounce around from one area to another, streets, brothel, strip club, drugs for sex

*Statistic's about prostitutes hard to research, no one seems to care.

*90% of street prostitutes have pimps, many start out as boyfriends. Violence and drugs consume.

* 85000 women arrested in 2005 for "jobs", there is no national number for a "johns", women are prostituted more because its an easier case.
Police say very few women have residence, so they get longer prison sentences. but men caught mostly, can pay the 14 hundred dollar fine /HIV test and walk free {in Nevada} and have probation (no probation without stable residence). Now across the country theres "John Schools" for those who pick up prostitutes, a school where men learn for a few hours what they did wrong and women mostly go to jail.

*Many want to end it but end up on streets and come back. The shame is to big. They have no school. MAny homeless and foster children become prostitutes, some say 50% others say 75%, its hard to tell because its such a forgotten world, no one cares.

**EVEN in a legalized states, like Nevada, 85% women arrested for prostitution are jailed, (street prostitution not legal, only brothels), but its cheaper so even if its legal in Nevada, street prostitution is by far more popular. Yet women are the ones facing the brunt of the danger.

*the Netherlands and Sweden have brought organized crime to their legalized prostitution. Girls are disappearing, no one is looking for them, they are replaced by the other hundred girls around. Drugs are becoming more and more rampit. So many sex slaves of young girls that the government are trying new laws to get rid of it. One worker from Amsterdam stated, "almost everyone was brought here against their will. They...they don't want to be here. We are beat. Raped. We hate to pretend to smile in windows. Shame. Girls are brought here to young, sold, like animals."

I remember going to Montreal with Dick and one of his friends, we were walking around and one of his friends, on the street, quizzed a prostitute on her prices, dick started to protest but this guy walked over anyways. IHe walked over just to see how much she was and i guess he gave her hope, cause he walked away with a smug faced sneer and she called out (a lower price i guess) of 20 dollars and he started laughing as he walked back to me and Dick standing their waiting for him. I saw a really bad side of someone i thought was okay, and soon after, this person went through problems of his own and dropped out of college so i don't hold it against him, something was already going on in his head.

They also did a photo montage of many women (even in the legal Brothels )and their "descent into hell" how horrible they age, you can see their souls leaving their bodies. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. How could anyone say prostitution should be legal? These are womens bodies, this is high and low class prostitution and they all hate themselves. Legalizing it would make maybe more girls go into it, maybe some that normally wouldn't of. I can't get this one quote out of my head, "Incest/rape/abuse is boot camp for prostitution." I know its ...I'm not blaming men completely, but i can see this. I can see this and it brakes my heart.

They did a segment about "What if it were legal? Talking about {Nevada} and other countries, would it make a difference?
Owners of brothels constantly coaching, pushing more and more. He takes half their pay. They pay their own rent and food, only slightly discounted.
Many lost children of the foster homes. Many had 10 foster homes growing up. Brothel owners (according to women who work there) often recruit from foster children's friends who were foster kids themselves. Again, In Nevada, street prostitution is illegal but by far more popular since it's cheaper, more dangerous, many more deaths when legal areas, even abroad. Suicide rates of women very high .


"once your in it, its a lot harder to get out of then you think"
"hardest part?,,,having to be me when its done"
"i hate sex" multiple women said this
Moonlight Bunny Ranch- "Still get shaky, having drinks helped....i don't like doing this."
Moonlight Bunny Ranch- "If you don't like pain, this is the job for you, you'll be numb..... You'll,'ll never experience pain, but you wont experience love either"
"there are men who ask me to pretend im there 12 year old daughter...this happens to other girls i talk to."
"Many want the GFE, the Girl Friend Experience"

MAX highest earner Bunny Ranch- "I didn't marry for money, i didn't take any when i left, i had to do it for money, i had nothing left. No schools, nothing. "

"Captain Save a Ho" Bunny Range girl explains - "Like Pretty Women, A guy looking to save us girls, you cant save us anymore."
Bunny Range- "drugs are here, they cant show it, you cant, but its everywhere.Keeps us. Keeps us here"

Owner Bunny Ranch -"be that fantasy, fulfill that dream, make that money, you'll live happily ever after with money."


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