Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I can’t remember when, it was within a few days maybe, it was an ex boyfriends birthday. It’s so strange how someone can seem so important in your life for so long and just slip away. As if they never existed to you at all. Another face in the world, no real feelings when his name is mentioned in conversation in passing. Not even enough to remember his birthday.

Can’t help but think of karma. He wanted so badly to not be tied down, to go off in the world. Then we break up, fully allowing himself to go out in the world and what does he do? He fucks the 1st girl right after me (rebound) and gets her pregnant. He moves to where she’s from in a shit state and ties himself down to a life of what could have been. Karma is a bitch. He did the exact opposite of what he wanted trapped himself with someone he can only kid himself with for so long. I know him. I know what he must be feeling. And you know what I say?

Happy Fucking Birthday fucker. Karma well deserved.

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