Saturday, September 18, 2010

Went to an engagement/bridal shower party today for a very good friend of mine, (so close we’re born on the same day/year/almost same time). I didn’t know any of the other girls there, all 20 something, and nearly all, all of them were engaged/about to have kids. They have been with their significant others less time then Eric and I have been together and these girls couldn’t get why marriage is not something I aspire to.

“Two years??! You’ve been with you’re boyfriend for two years and didn’t get a ring?” I couldn’t understand them, just as they couldn’t understand me. They had no interests in travel, exploring, hell even working, they all wanted to be someone’s wife. That is not something I want, to be someone’s……wife. I feel you loose your identity.

Here’s the kicker, the shower gift for the guests were chocolates and a fake glass cut engagement ring, very cute. I tried it on……and….i didn’t hate the way it looked. How strange is that?

I never wanted marriage or kids, anytime I said this to my mom, she dismissed it. Said that ‘she felt that way too then she wanted all those things when she turned 20 and so will I.’ But she didn’t go to college and got married at 18. She keeps hinting I need to get married. For what? I wanna be with someone because I want to be there, not because a piece of paper tells me I should be.

I give two middle fingers to the world that says a women needs to have a ring on her finger to prove her worth.

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